Unique technology

CUBIES is a sustainable developmental toy.

CUBIES help to develop cognitive skills of kids, age 3 till 11. CUBIES consist of the physical toy – the base with built-in audio speakers and three cubes. Depending on, how cubes are placed against each other, they create several hundreds of algorithms and play various stories.

Various thematical collections – in one toy! There are several thematical sets of cubes possible. Currently we have two collections ready – “Forest Animals” and “Music for the Little ones”. The next collection planned – “Mathematics for beginners”.

Depending on how CUBIES are placed on the base, each combination creates a story. Each thematical collection contains at least 240 entertaining and educational stories. The stories are pre-written and recorded by professional storytellers and actors.

CUBIES are tested and approved by education and healthcare specialists.

CUBIES provide a meaningful and interesting tool, how parents can educate their children, therefore helping to fight against various developmental delays, related with language and movement, as well as emotional, social and thinking skills.